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Pedal cars can be built using recycled materials and a bit of imagination. There are plenty of old bikes to be found at the local tip, trash and treasure or garage sales for a small amount of cash – you just have to look. BMX bikes work best for pedal cars but any old bike will do.

Check out the details below for details on how to build your own car!

Image courtesy of Trisland – view their website ( to see more on the ’34 Project’

Cars available to borrow & copy design

Cars are available to borrow so you can copy the design and build your own. This is free of charge.

Cars must be returned no later than 6 weeks prior to the race.

4 cars available for the Open Section only – you must apply via Expression of Interest by 31st August

More Information on available cars

Instructions, Terms and Conditions

The Australian Pedal Car Grand Prix Committee Inc. (APCGPC) has 4 pedal cars available to offer for use in their annual race. These 4 pedal cars can only be raced in the Open section of the event so teams must fit the criteria for this section and abide by the race rules.
This event is held as a fundraiser for our community. Teams are invited to submit their expression of interest for any one of these pedal cars by completing the Expression of Interest form and pledging to raise a sum of money exceeding the minimum of $500.00 required for this purpose. The fundraising pledged amount that the team nominates will be the minimum amount the team will donate for this year’s event.
The Expression of Interest form needs to be completed in full and returned to the APCGPC before the end of the day on the 31st August for this year’s event. Please submit the completed form either by post to; APCGP Expression of Interest PO Box 47 Coleraine VIC 3315 or deliver to Coleraine & District Community Bendigo Bank at 59 Whyte St Coleraine.
If you require assistance with the Expression of Interest form please do not hesitate to contact the APCGPC Treasurer via email;
The APCGPC will notify applicants of their result by the 7th of September. The successful applicants will be the teams who have pledged to raise the highest amount of $$$$$.
On acknowledgement of being a successful applicant team – the pedal car that has been selected for the teams use can ONLY be collected after team registration, entry payment and initial minimum $500 deposit has been made. Any additional pledged funds are to be lodged and receipted with the APCGPC prior to 2pm on the day of the race.
On possession of the selected pedal car – each team is to receive their pedal car in good racing order and they are able to use the pedal car’s body work to display any advertising / sponsors logos etc at their own expense. The pedal car’s allotted race number is to remain as is.
On completion of the race day event the pedal car is to be returned to the APCGPC in reasonable condition as assessed and determined by the APCGPC Race Director.
As this is an annual event, teams are encouraged and welcome to apply for a pedal car each year providing they meet the required criteria.

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